clitrix technology About Us

In order to win the trust of our customers and to serve them in the best possible manner, we need to establish a very close and cordial link with them. This is possible only when our potential and present customers are able to gather relevant and vital information relating to our company. Such details include the performance history of our company, its growth prospect, future plans and most importantly, its present level of efficiency that is an indicator of its current performance.

In this regard, it should be clearly noted that clitrix technology is basically a technical entity that specializes in the field of engineering. It is a Kolkata based company that was set up in 2010. We, at clitrix technology, believe only in professional excellence and financial progress both of which can be achieved only when the economy is well equipped with advanced mode of technology that ensures all around development of the whole country. Thus, the company concentrates on the development of both hard as well as soft technology in order to build the basic foundation on which the economy’s pillars of success can be constructed.

Having said this, it is high time when the people should be acquainted with the exact functioning of our company and the core sector where we actually operate. We, at clitrix technology, work day and night in order to create value to the business and also to the ecosystem. We are engaged in rendering four main functions to the interested parties which are Engineering, Business Consulting, Service Management and Information Technology. These major functions are discussed underneath:-

  • Engineering: We focus on the development of valuable business assets by making use of our creative, efficient and productive engineering skills that will surely help a business concern in achieving the top most ladder of success.
  • Business Consulting: Here, we attempt to enhance rate of growth of the business such that it flourishes and diversifies on a larger scale.
  •  Service Management: Our service is characterized by high level performance and efficiency that brings fruitful results to the business.
  • Information Technology:  We provide digital services to the business to produce maximum output. 

Now, we should define how we actually achieve our target and accomplish our objective to serve the purpose of the larger society.
  • Our Team: Our team consists of experts who possess both knowledge and experience in various work fields that ensures a balanced progress in each and every sector where we operate.
  • Our Leadership: The master mind behind the successful strategies and performances of clitrix technology actually crops up from a young, dynamic and visionary Bengali entrepreneur who possesses a complete knowledge on engineering and has supremely mastered the execution of a number of assignments.
  • Our Vision: clitrix technology is an international company that possesses expertise in rendering quality services to its clients.
  • Our Focus: The primary goal of clitrix technology is to increase the productivity of the manufacturing units and to optimize the rewards of the ecosystem.
Our Commitment to Customer Service: We promise to provide efficient customer service and satisfy all their requirements to the best of our potential and resource base.
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